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The Love of Family and The Love of Fragrances is the foundation of Scented Treatts. 

Our collection of scented goods are homemade, made to order to assure the best quality & care. 

Scented Treatts offers Special Orders, Private Labeling, Special Events/Party Favors and Sponsoring Services.

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Who makes Scented Treatts product?
Scented Treatts product are all handcrafted with love by our lovely store owner Shante.
What type of wax is used?
100% Soy wax is used in the making of our candles.
What is your returns policy?

For any issues please email us at to discuss any replacements due to shipping damage or product defects.

How do I track my order?

A tracking number  is sent once order is shipped. If you do not receive a tracking number with in a week of placing order please email us at with your name and  order number and we will send you a tracking number.

What are your delivery options?

By USPS delivery or local  pickup. A local delivery or pick up fees may apply.


Does Scented Treatts offer private labeling?

Yes please contact us at

Are Scented Treatts available for party favors?

Yes please contact us at


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